Tuesday, October 23, 2012


A response came today from the Attorney General's office in reference to releasing the 911 call.  In a nutshell, they said the DA's office doesn't have to release it to me. They claimed that the release would:
(1)  release of the information would interfere with the detection, 
investigation, or prosecution of crime

There are specific reasons and details about the case that are supposed to be cited, but they weren't.  They made a "mere conclusory statement" and aren't supposed to be able to do that.  It's another example of their unwillingness to acknowledge the truth.  Their case must be paper-thin and weak indeed if they're worried that the 911 call will interfere with prosecution--to me, this means they know that Brent was hysterical with worry and grief that day, and Lucas's birth mother was not.

The truth will come out eventually.  Brent's last letter to me said this:
"I'm not sure if I've made this clear to you or not, or if it goes without saying but I want a trial.  I've made it clear to Brennon that I will take no 'deals' or anything like that.  So you might want to make that clear to whatever lawyers you talk to."
They have offered him a couple of deals, and he won't take one.  He won't do anything that lets them pin guilt on him.  He also said he wants the answer to one very important question:  Why did he get a one million dollar bond.  He says, "Everyone here keeps trying to avoid that question and I think that needs to be addressed."
When I wrote him back, I told him that I've posted that concern here several times--that his Eighth Amendment right to freedom from excessive bail is being denied/violated and that he is the victim of extreme gender bias.
I wonder what the people in the District Attorney's office would do if this was a member of one of their families, and then I remember that they would have advantages "normal" people don't.  The system is slanted toward their "good ol' boy" network and the wealthy--which is why celebrities seem to be above the law.  They can buy their way out of situations like these and it is NOT RIGHT.  IT IS NOT A JUSTICE SYSTEM the way Wichita County is operating and it's disgusting.  The person who suffers most in all of this is Brent's 7 year old daughter, who is old enough to know what is going on.  She keeps saying that all she wants for Christmas is for her daddy to come home.

Here's the letter:

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  1. After reading this response, and knowing that the State is obligated to turn all of this evidence over to the Defense, I find it appalling that a prosecutor's office would be worried about releasing this 911 call on a FOIA request. Especially considering how many 911 tapes are "leaked" by these government agencies and released to the news media when it is convenient for them. I understand the need to balance an ongoing investigation and the process of the criminal justice system. It doesn't take much to find out that the current District Attorney ran on a platform of punishing violence against children. Each case is unique and should be looked at in terms of finding justice for the victims, not merely campaigning for office or throwing a blanket over all alleged offenders.